Fort Frances Website and Online Design Services - Details

With over a decade's experience in the web design business you can be assured that you are building your web presence on the best possible foundation. Times Web Design features a full range of design options that include, but are not limited to...

Branding Design

Whether you are creating a new brandmark (logo) for your new business, or are looking to re-design your existing brand, we put our creative team to work on designing a look that is unique and reflects your business; a look that is 100% YOU.

Header Design

The header appears on the top of all the pages on your site and generally includes your brandmark, menu items, and contact information. We incorporate your brandmark into the header to theme the overall look of your site. This unifies the overall design and reinforces your brand identity.

Website Theming

When theming your website, we incorporate visual elements from your brandmark and header to unify the overall look of the site. This applies to menus, footers, and any additional features you choose to include.

Online Ad Design

If you are looking into online advertising, we are able to design banner/box/button ads, of various sizes, for your business/organization.

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